Hello World! Thanks for visiting my site!

By day, I am an associate at 50Hertz, a transmission system operator based in Berlin, where I am working on long-term electricity grid planning. My work focuses on developing energy scenarios and using energy system modeling to explore different options for achieving a secure and reliable energy supply. Before this, I wrote my PhD dissertation on the integration of solar power into the electricity system, and I continue to be interested in exploring the potential of solar energy to help us reach net-zero emissions.

Me in front of a high medieval tower in Bologna, Italy

This is me in Bologna, Italy. These large towers were build in medieval times to, guess what, impress people. Still works for me.

In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with electronic music, manipulating analog photos with ink, and engaging with software. I am passionate about using my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world around me, and I am always looking for new ways to learn and grow.

If you would like to learn more about my work or connect with me, please feel free to contact me or check out my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. I am always happy to meet new people and discuss ideas related to energy systems and renewable energy.

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